Welcome to Ommi Yoga

First Consultation

What Can I expect upon my first visit to OMMI?

Once you have had a brief chat over the phone with me and discussed your needs, I will then book you in for your first session. I am based in the heart of Thornbury and are easy to get to via public transport or by car.

Your initial in-person consultation is thorough and requires plenty of time to go through your medical history and any concerns you may have. It’s 90-minutes for Fertility Yoga or 120minutes for Mizan Abdominal Therapy of YOU TIME 100% dedicated to you and your health needs. You’ll be able to open up about your fears, hopes and dreams for bringing a new little soul into the world, and we’ll be able to offer you the healing and support you need on this delicate journey.

So that you can make best use of your consultation time, it’s best to fill in the health forms ahead of time. This will give us plenty of space to go through your health history so we can begin therapy right away.

Please feel free to download, print and complete your forms and bring them along with you to your first consultation. You will receive the appropriate form to fill out via email.

What do I bring to my first consultation?

If you have any medical results, hormonal tests or pelvic ultrasound please bring these along to your first consultation.

It’s also best to bring the above forms too.

Finding OMMI Yoga & Massage

OMMI Yoga & Massage is a boutique women’s only healing sanctuary created for women just like you. Only 12 km from CBD, it is located next to the Croxton Uniting Church in a renovated studio room.

326 St. Georges Road, Thornbury, 3071 (enter via Shaftesbury Parade)

There is free parking on St. Georges road or in Shaftesbury parade

Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

Have you ever considered connecting to your womb — the centre of your femininity and of creation itself?

Your menstrual cycle knowledge has been known, honoured, respected and passed down from different cultures and wise women for ages.

Through your womb wisdom, you can heal lifetimes of trauma, connect deeply to Self and Spirit, cultivate your fullest feminine radiance, and reclaim your authority — in a very authentic, real way.

We spend years trying to avoid pregnancy-with the contraceptive pill amongst many other things – that we have become out of touch with our bodies.

OMMI yoga & massage helps you reconnect with your inner goddess.

Understanding your menstrual cycle is the first step to understanding your fertility and your fertile period.

Traditionally, a normal menstrual cycle is considered 28 lunar calendar days. There’s a big BUT here – only 15 % of women actually have a 28-day cycle. That means you’re completely normal if your cycle is between 24 and 35 days. Shout for joy, right!

However, if your cycle is shorter than 24 days, or longer than 35 days, this might indicate that you might not be ovulating regularly.

Regular ovulation and fertility go hand-in-hand, but that’s just the start of getting to know all about your period and fertility.

The Four Phases of Natural Conception

A healthy, regular menstrual cycle is very important for women, because it indicates that everything is in working order. There are four phases in your menstrual cycle, and each phase relates to a dynamic change within our divinely perfect feminine forms.

Different hormones are triggered with each phase, and these cause the body to respond in different ways. Ever wondered why you’re on top of the world when your period ends? Or why you break out one week before your period is due? It’s all connected to your period cycle and the hormones made by your ovaries – estrogen and progesterone. In traditional womb healing, we talk about their actions on the follicles, the tubes, the uterus and the endometrium (the lining of your uterus). In fertility yoga we talk about energies of QI and Ying/Yang.

Your menstrual cycle and fertility explained

Day 1-5: Menstruation

Day 1 is considered the first day of the 28-day cycle. If an egg has not been fertilised, it disintegrates. Low levels of both estrogen & progesterone during this phase cause the endometrium (lining of the uterus) to break down and shed in the form of menstrual blood. Bleeding lasts an average of 5 days.

Note: if your period begins in the evening or during the night then Day 1 is taken from the next day.

The nature of your menstrual flow and its symptoms are all important factors for pinpointing if there’s a hitch between the movement of Qi and blood. Any obstructions to the menstrual flow can have implications on fertility. A regular period that arrives on time is crucial to the transition, growth and decline between Yin and Yang, the interplay of Qi and blood and the rise and fall of your hormones.

Days 5-13: Follicular Phase

Think of this phase as the pillar of your menstrual cycle. During this phase your endometrial lining in your uterus builds and you grow what is called a dominant follicle. This is all thanks to a hormone called the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) – produced in your brain – and estrogen.

FSH acts on the ovaries to promote the development of several follicles, each one containing an egg. Only one follicle will get to grow up big and strong.

Toward the end of this phase, the ovaries start pumping out estrogen. This makes your uterus lining thick to prepare it for a potential tenant – a fertilised egg! Around this time, you’ll also experience an increase in cervical fluid, which is essentially just a bit of discharge.

Days 10-18: Ovulatory Phase

This is everyone’s favourite time of the month – because it’s time for action! Ovulation is THE BEST time to turn up the heat because it’s when you’re most fertile. Remember that lone, mature follicle? She’ll release an egg around about now, and that little egg will travel down your fallopian tube into your uterus.

The journey starts around 24-hours after your brain starts churning out a little something called the luteinising hormone (LH). This surge causes the mature follicle to bulge out from the surface of the ovary and burst (without any pain!) and release an egg. This usually happens on day 14 of your cycle.

Day 15-28: Luteal Phase

After releasing the egg, the ruptured follicle develops into a fancy structure called the corpus luteum (an endocrine body), which secretes the hormone progesterone. Progesterone causes the endometrium (the lining in your uterus) to get even thicker. This is super important, because you want your new resident to have a safe and comfortable home.

Here’s the catch – Fertilisation must occur 24 hours after ovulation, or your egg won’t survive. If the egg is fertilised, the corpus luteum begins to produce the pregnancy hormone; human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This keeps the corpus luteum nice and happy and keeps your progesterone levels up. The egg will then move to the uterus and attach itself to the endometrium about six or seven days after ovulation.

After that, your egg will grow and grow into a new life!

If the egg is not fertilised, the corpus luteum degenerates after about 14 days. Your levels of progesterone and estrogen will drop. This causes the endometrium to break down and shed, and a new menstrual cycle begins.

Natural Fertility

A Natural Way to Conception

Your body is highly intuitive. Learning to tap into that intelligence is nothing short of magic.

But perhaps you don’t really feel that your body is the intelligent, and you are feeling overwhelmed.

  • You may be experiencing some of these feelings…
  • You feel completely bewildered by your body.
  • You feel like you’re doing all the right things – eating right, exercising right, breathing right – but nothing seems to be working for you.
  • You feel uncomfortable in your own skin, like your body isn’t your own. It’s not doing what you want it to, so you feel completely let down from it.
  • You have all sorts of negative feelings towards your body. You find it hard to love a body that won’t listen, and you’ve given up taking care of yourself.

If you’re looking to change the way you approach your health and fertility, Ommi Fertility Yoga & Fertility Massage can help you heal and better understand your body.

Are you curious?

It is obvious I have a passion for women’s health and fertility.

I feel a deep, vibrational connection to helping women come out of isolation and back into their own bodies.

It lights me up to be able to provide personalised healing treatments in a warm, nurturing, respectful space.

My focus is to assist you during each stage of your cycle to maximise hormonal balance and cycle regulation, egg development and the healthy building of your endometrial lining. Regular yoga also helps to reduce the effects of stress.

Because my approach to your health is 100% holistic, I don’t just cover the physiological part of natural fertility treatments. The OMMI method is delivered as a complete package to reconnect you with your body, mind, soul and spirit – not just your menstrual cycle. I’ll teach you how to reconnect with your inner goddess by sharing my principles that you can apply to your daily life.

I am 100% invested in the success of all my patients. I am completely invested in this process with you.

Established in 2018 by Nora Elsheikh-Henderson, OMMI Yoga & Massage has been helping women with fertility challenges achieve their dreams with a mixture of natural approaches, including:

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for fertility (Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness)

Hormone balance therapy (yoga & fertility massage)

Pregnancy & labour care (prenatal yoga & pregnancy massage)

Male infertility IVF support (Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness)

At OMMI, I take this journey with you and assist alongside a team of passionate practitioners.

Natural Fertility Support

At my private healing sanctuary, I work with clients with a wide variety of health and fertility concerns:

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Low Ovarian Reserve & Early Menopause
  • Implantation Issues
  • Autoimmune Infertility
  • Luteal Phase Defect
  • Poor Response to Fertility Medication
  • Thin Lining & Poor Circulation
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Ovulatory Disorders
  • Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism
  • Recurrent Miscarriages
  • Male Factor Infertility
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Stress

Our Natural Fertility Therapy

OMMI has partnered up with other practitioners in the field of fertility. We together have a system that offers you a natural way to conception via; fertility yoga, reproductive healing, fertility acupuncture and guided meditations. My holistic approach to your health helps prepare your body for a natural pregnancy, and I offer a program that supports IVF.

OMMI Yoga & Massage is more than a women’s sanctuary…

OMMI is a community for women to come out of isolation and know they aren’t alone in this journey. OMMI is a boutique sacred space where women can share their stories, talk with other women, connect, communicate, laugh, cry and feel totally supported.

I would love to have you join our tribe today.

Embrace your inner goddess and explore my range of natural fertility healing modalities.

Fertility Yoga

A natural approach to conception

OMMI offers women private one-on-one fertility yoga sessions that are a deep and rewarding practice.  The private session is created to assist you in increasing your fertility path and to conceive consciously using a gentle approach. “Get out of your head and into your essence!”

Working one-on-one enables the practitioner to address any injuries, misalignment in your body and also modify the session to suit your phase in your monthly cycle.

What is fertility yoga?

It is a gentle practice for all woman who would like to use yoga and meditation to help boost their own health and wellbeing, by learning to honour her menstrual cycle and engage these practical tools to prepare for conception. You will learn the fundamentals for using yoga to support yourself during your conception journey.

You will have an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and womb and learn how to create a balance in your Qi and Yin/Yang energies.

We Share with you the basics to get you started in confidently maximising your health and fertility journey towards conception;

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle
  • Understanding the four cycles of your menstrual health
  • Effects of stress
  • Beneficial yoga postures for fertility
  • Meditation and visualisation for fertility
  • Pranayama breathing & chanting for fertility
  • Benefits of yoga for menstruation
  • Meditations & visualisations for healthy positive menstruation
  • Healing yoga for miscarriage practices
  • Yoga for miscarriage and pregnancy loss

These private sessions help women understand the perfect balance of yoga & breath work and the different stages of their cycle to be able to understand the importance of emotional effects and how it effects a woman’s fertility.

Abdominal Massage Therapy-Mizan

Mizan Therapy-Traditional Reproductive Healing

Mizan Therapy uses traditional healing techniques to address conditions involving reproductive organs. It is an external massage that brings healing and vitality for optimal health and well-being.

Inside the Female Pelvis

All of the ligaments and reproductive organs are held within the pelvic girdle, which protects the organs. The reproductive organs which include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, the uterus, the cervix, the vagina and the labia need to be in balance to help with your fertility journey. The uterus is at the centre of the reproductive system.

The uterus has two roles; either to grow a baby or to clean herself.

Fertility plays a big role when it comes to the lining of the uterus. The endometrium which is made of layers of tissues that respond to hormonal secretions, thickening each month ready to act as a nourishing bed for a fertilised egg to implant and grow. Without pregnancy, then her second function comes into play and menstruation will flush away the accumulation of blood and uterine lining.

Fertility Massage

Your practitioner Nora will assist in aligning the uterus through these traditional healing techniques. I guide you on how to stop fighting the rhythms of the menstrual cycle and how to work with it. Many women are unaware of the positive effects of the cycle, which they need to focus on and make the most of, as well as how to “be” in the lower parts. Self-care massage helps women to reconnect with their wombs – many of those with symptoms of PMS have a negative view of their menstrual cycle.

If the uterus is not in alignment it is difficult – and often impossible – for the body to work in harmony to bring about the miracle of conception.

IVF & Womb Healing Support

Creating a new life is a journey…

All of the women who visit me are at different points in their own journeys and follow different paths, and I consider it our job to support them and see them through to the end.

For some, this journey might involve IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). It’s not an easy decision to make, and the process can be physically and emotionally stressful. We understand the stress in this process and offer you a sanctuary, away from all the pressure.

This is why I have developed a conception program that offers Womb & Abdominal Healing to support the IVF process.

Stress-free, effective fertility massage. As your practitioner I’m here to assist you when you are feeling frustrated or isolated. I’m supportive and caring. I understand what you are going through, so you are gently treated and protected.

Womb Massage and IVF: Research

Research into the effectiveness of fertility massage has been a growing field of research with a number of studies, meta-analysis and reviews being released over the years. A 2015 review found Mizan Healing to be effective when used on the day of IVF transfer.

Integrative care from a compassionate team

I take a holistic approach to fertility here at OMMI. Partnering up with other like-minded practitioners means you receive a personalised assessment and support with IVF supplements, nutrition, fertility-enhancing foods and IVF preparation.

I highly recommend Melbourne Acupuncture Wellness which offers you a consultation discussing your fertility journey and lab results and menstrual cycle. All acupuncture treatments are a total of one hour including your follow up treatments.

The IVF Womb Healing Process

Prior to Starting Your IVF Cycle

Your body is a temple of life, which is why I recommend undergoing intensive womb healing before your IVF treatments begin to help prepare your body. Some of the research tends to suggest that the use of Mizan Therapy on the day of transfer may improve outcomes.

During the Stimulation Phase

Uncomfortable IVF side effects are alleviated with abdominal massage & yoga, helping to reduce anxiety during this stressful period.

Fertility Yoga after Egg Collection

Remember what I mentioned about your body being a temple? I recommend IVF patients have a fertility yoga session after egg collection. This may assist to reduce any local tissue trauma or bleeding and also reduce stress.

On the Day of Embryo Transfer

I recommend pre and post transfer fertility massage (pre) & fertility yoga (post) to help calm the mind and calm Body.

One Week After Embryo Transfer

After the fertilised embryo has been transferred, we recommend yoga & acupuncture weekly. Research has indicated that acupuncture may assist & decrease the possibility of miscarriage.

If your pregnancy results are positive – (HAPPY DANCE!) – I would strongly advise undergoing fertility yoga during your first semester. This will help to support you and the hormonal changes you may be undergoing. I have helped many couples bring more joy to their lives with my holistic services and compassionate care.

I would love to work with you, come along and join the OMMI tribe.