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Yogalates is the combination of Yoga and Pilates designed to improve flexibility, build strength and tone your muscles all while fostering mind and body harmony. Classes tend to start off with Yoga poses, then move to Pilates exercises, and then finish with more Yoga Poses.

Yogalates is a safe exercise alternative for you if you do not feel you want to do a whole yoga practice or a whole pilates session. This class is suitable to all levels of ability and age, from the complete beginner who has never exercised through to those with years of Yoga and Pilates experience.

Yoga poses are taught using awareness of stability in the joints, progressing from holding the pose to then increasing the load and effort so that everyone has an option to suit their body or for increase of intensity of their workout.

You are often given an option if the yoga pose or pilates exercise does not suit. In each class the participants are encouraged to apply the philosophical aspects of Yoga so that they don’t force their body but rather work with awareness and the breath so that the practice is satisfying and safe.

Yogalates offers flexibililty and strength to all your major muscle groups. You will learn the art of breath work and be able to support and tone your deep core muscles. Strong and supportive abdominal muscles help in having a flexible and pain free spine.

Relax and de-stress by practising restorative Yoga techniques to increase your wellbeing. The Yogalates method supports good posture and is a great class that offers you variety.

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