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Restorative Yoga

Rest, restore, unwind.

The essence of ‘Rest, Restore & Unwind yoga class is a practice that will offer you a safe & sacred space for re-setting and soothing your nervous system. You will feel a boost in your immune system, a balance in your nervous system, a cleanse in your lymphatic system, and deeply nourishing your feminine vitality from the inside out.

Ommi yoga supports any women who is struggling with their health, energy levels, emotional wellbeing, or who may just need some tender loving care towards their feminine body. The intimate weekly womanly yoga classes are based upon my own restorative yoga healing journey with Chronic Back Pain, that has restored my wellbeing, and enhanced the evolution of my own journey as a yoga teacher and student.

With ommi yoga these classes are a combination of graceful feminine sequences and movements; along side the practice of restorative yoga nidra meditation with the support of props.

Restorative Yoga poses and deep relaxation cultivates the habit of attention and learning to identify how and where you hold the layers of tensions within the body. When the mind starts to become still you can discover a clear space from which to make life choices that support your overall wellbeing. Through restorative yoga poses, you come into harmony with your body’s natural rhythms and wisdom. Living by these rhythms and your intuition is the key to radiant wellbeing.

These unique Rest, Restore & Unwind yoga classes for women are for everyBODY. I love this practice as it has a unique way of responding to the epidemic rise our western culture is facing with chronic illness, mental health, and highly stressful living in how many women are compromising their feminine wellbeing.

Attending these classes regularly will help you go deep into your self care, self enquiry, exploring the undercurrent behind chronic illness, mental illness and the why behind how stress affects our body & mind.

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