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Prenatal Yoga

To birth your child with dignity and grace

Ommi Prental Yoga course is a unique approach to labour preparation integrating rhythmic Arabic dance movement, conscious breathing techniques and delicious body work to help you eventually move into the intensity of labour. A deep and sensual practice to help you integrate positive breath work with the experience of birthing your baby.

Ommi’s prenatal yoga is perfect for all women seeking practical guidance and support while nurturing the seed. Support and encouragement to make birth choices that align with your heart’s desire. This class welcomes women preparing for VBAC, post trauma birth or hoping to create a positive birth experience. When you practice with Nora , you can feel confident you are in safe, compassionate and experienced hands.

Prenatal yoga is a highly specialised practice and I highly recommend commencing after your first trimester. You are also welcome to join this course anytime that is suitable to your journey and this may be in the last trimester or a few weeks prior to giving birth.

This practice is a women’s -only sacred space designed to offer you time to connect into your Self and your baby. To assist you in creating space to approach birth with courage, dignity and grace.

  • Safety guidelines are offered to you in the practice
  • Modifying postures to suit your stage of pregnancy
  • Assisting you to make use of props
  • Restorative yoga for pregnancy
  • Yoga nidra & visualisation for pregnancy
  • Sounding & chanting for pregnancy and birth
  • Yogic tools for labour
  • Active birth and labour

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