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Fertility Yoga

A natural approach to conception

Ommi yoga offers women fertility yoga classes that are a deep and rewarding practice, created to assist you in increasing your fertility path and to conceive consciously using a gentle approach. “Get out of your head and into your essence!”

What is fertility yoga?

It is a gentle practice for all woman who would like to use yoga and meditation to help boost their own health and wellbeing, by learning to honour her menstrual cycle and engage these practical tools to prepare for conception. You will learn the fundamentals for using yoga to support yourself during your conception journey.

Ommi’s fertility yoga is deeply informed by my own conception journey and inspired by my organic wholefoods eating plan by clinical nutritionist Christa Orecchio. A quiet revolution in my journey as a women wanting to have a baby and had reached the age of 40. I am delighted to be able to share my wisdom and experience with all women of all stages of their conception journey. My particular areas of focus are in offering you sincere guidance in energy balancing, hormonal and nervous system harmony. Share with you the basics to get you started in confidently maximising your health and fertility journey towards conception.

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle
  • Understanding the four cycles of your menstrual health
  • Effects of stress
  • Beneficial yoga postures for fertility
  • Meditation and visualisation for fertility
  • Pranayama breathing & chanting for fertility
  • Benefits of yoga for menstruation
  • Meditations & visualisations for healthy positive menstruation
  • Healing yoga for miscarriage practices
  • Yoga for miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Ommi yoga offers private sessions to help women understand the perfect balance of yoga (the physical asana) and the different stages of their cycle to be able to understand the importance of emotional effects how it effects a woman’s fertility.

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