Welcome to Ommi Yoga

To the beautiful women I know and to the women I will meet, it is with elation I welcome you to the work I love so much – Melbourne’s own, Ommi Yoga Women’s Yoga & Meditation Sanctuary. It is my honour to share with you my love and passion of yoga for the womanly journey. Ommi is the Arabic term for “mother”. I grew up in a traditional Lebanese family with lots of authentic food, organic gardens and Arabic music. I’m the oldest of six children and being part of a large family gave me unique insights into energy and recognition that there is more to life than body and mind. I knew that I wanted to teach, lead and inspire.

I give tribute to a wonderful woman in my world who has commited her life to raising her children, sharing her love and wisdom for organic gardening & wholesome cooking. My Ommi! Our family gatherings were about food, music and community. This environment allowed me to learn the power of empathy and compassion by learning from the wonderful women in my life, how to be real and authentic.

From a very young age I had the ability to motivate and inspire with love and kindness. I loved to learn through play and practice being the teacher or mother. My grandmother told me I have a gift and it should be nurtured in my journey to come.

I was introduced to yoga at the tender age of 16. I started practicing yoga over 25 years ago. My true calling unfolded as I began working with the body understanding the anatomy, physics, its messages and to eventually become aware of consciousness and falling in love with it. I studied the human body extensively and received certifications in Exercise & Sport, Nutrition, Psychology , Hypnotherapy, Pranaa Yoga, Prenatal & Postnatal yoga, Fertility yoga, Meditation and other healing modalities to assist my clients to find health, peace and happiness. My approach to integrated body healing , incorporating exercise, nutrition, yoga & meditation, proved to be very successful for my clients.

In 2013, I became pregnant with my first child, this is where I met a beautiful inspiring teacher who introduced me to conscious & engaged breathing. She took me on a prenatal & birthing yoga experience to an effortless state of being that would forever change my life and my work. Fuelled entirely by the fire in my belly, I created Ommi Yoga so that I could satiate the deep calling I felt to care for womens doing the ever important work of nurturing & loving their children.

Very early in life I recognized how much women did for the people around them but how little they did for themselves. I am passionate about helping women learn lessons in acceptance, compassion, being authentic , living in the moment and realizing their true nature by accessing their inner stillness. Over the past 20 years I have cared for over ten thousand mothers & babies, providing a sacred sanctuary where they can be honoured, supported and celebrated.

It is truly my belief that mothers and babies who are born into a place of peace, love, joy and respect will go on to thrive and positively contribute to the world around them. With the intention of filling their cup with abundant bliss, my desire to inspire better health in each wonderful mother of this world, transformed into the establishment you see before you today.

May your journey ahead of you be paved with joy. May you “spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” as Mother Theresa gracefully said. I encourage you to soak up your womanly journey and embrace the changes as they come by letting go and going deep into your soul.

Looking most forward to serving you,

Much Love , Nora

Inspiring Stories

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